Returns the degree of each node.

The degree of a node in an undirected networks counts the number of neighbours that node has. Its weighted degree counts the number of interactions each node has. Finally the edge weight counts the number of interactions which have happened across an edge.

node degree and weighed degree example

For example, in the graph above with all edges aggregated between time $t_1$ and $t_3$, node $A$ has degree 2 (having neighbours $B$ and $C$) but weighted degree 3 (from the interactions at times $t_1$, $t_2$ and $t_3$). In the same way, edge $AB$ has weight 2.


  1. For each node, gets the indegree and outdegree


  • path (String) : The path where the output will be written


  • ID (Long) : Vertex ID
  • indegree (Long) : The indegree of the node
  • outdegree (Long) : The outdegree of the node
  • total degree (Long) : The total degree